September 2, 2016

Time Out Of Mind: A corpus linguistic analysis of 50 years of Bob Dylan lyrics

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Bob Dylan has just celebrated his 72nd birthday! He was also recently made an honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, a prestigious position he now shares with all of these acclaimed artists. As someone who is a huge fan of Bob Dylan and also of corpus linguistics, I would like to celebrate his life’s work so far by sharing with you some results from a mini corpus project I have recently been working on.

I thought a corpus analysis of Bob Dylan’s lyrics would be interesting because as well as being regarded as one of the most acclaimed and influential songwriters in recent American history, Dylan has been writing songs and releasing albums for more than 50 years. His continued productivity and influence on popular music is celebrated within arenas of light literary scholarship, biographical documentation and also in hardcore academic research (Dunlap, 2006; Gearey, 1988…

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September 2, 2016

Time Out Of Mind: A corpus linguistic analysis of 50 years of Bob Dylan lyrics

Bob Dylan has just celebrated his 72nd birthday! He was also recently made an honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, a prestigious position he now shares with all of these acc…

Source: Time Out Of Mind: A corpus linguistic analysis of 50 years of Bob Dylan lyrics

January 13, 2016

Landmarks in musical cinema

February 9, 2013

TO ROCK OR NOT TO ROCK : Story of Bangladeshi Rock Music!

Bill Haley and the Comets, considered to be the first Rock N’ Roll band, had formed in 1952. Starting with their song “Rock Around the Clock” in 1954, Rock N’ Roll went on a move for a more heavier direction. Soon it evolved into Hard Rock and eventually Heavy Metal. The bands’ sound started to turn heavier with the years.

Our Band Music scene wasn’t really far or exception from this evolving. This is our side of the story…


It starts right here in Dhaka; some kids from St. Gregory’s School formed the first band in 1964. The band was led by Fazle Rob, an 8th grade student! Fazle decided to form a band one day when he heard his Anglo-Indian classmate performing a Cliff Richard song. Fazle immediately bought an electric guitar and with the help from his music enthusiastic friends he formed Iolite. Soon they started playing regularly at Shahabagh Hotel and also Dhaka Club. Iolite had the privileged to perform the first ever ‘ticketed concert’ in East Pakistan as Deshi band, they appeared in a television show later. Iolite was also known as Windy Side of Care.

Another band, Lightning led by Abdur Rashid was formed at the same time, they were also from St. Gregory. They played for Hotel Agrabadh, most prestigious hotel at Chittagong. Back in those days the band was extremely popular, they also appeared in a television show.

Rambling Stones was formed in 1967 with Actor Jafar Iqbal, Mahmud, Faruque and Tota. They used to perform in Hotel InterContinental’s Chambeli Room, which was all band’s dream stage to perform in those days. They broke up in 1969 when their practice space was burned by a mob!

These first three bands participated in an exciting competition held at Chambeli Room in 1968 and Windy Side of Care won the title that day. RCA Record Company offered them a record deal and they recorded an album, which was the first 45rpm record (vinyl) by any Bangladeshi band. Band’s vocalist Alamgir moved to Pakistan during Bangladesh liberation, he became renowned solo singer there and also celebrated in Bangladesh later.

There was one more band; Bakalam from Narayangonj, led by a charismatic guitarist Jalal Abedin, he was well-known for his playing.


After the 1971 war music was on the rise again, this is the story of many Rock bands that formed and disbanded during the course of time!

Azam Khan, a freedom fighter, formed Uccharan and immediately shot to fame. Uccharan was the wakeup call for the Rock music and all the disciples started to put up their bands.

Ugly Faze was one of the early bands with Kamal, Larry, Saki and Reza.

Omar Khaled Rumi, Shahed, Sazzad, Dostogir and Salahuddin formed Underground Peace Lover, they used to play at Hotel Purbani, they also started the first ticketed show at the newly liberated Bangladesh in 1972.

Today’s legendary musicians like Nayan, Fuad Naser Babu, Piaru Khan, Hamin Ahmed, Shafin Ahmed started to perform at then famous Dimple Restaurant, located at Asad Gate.

By then Azam Khan became the Guru and was performing all over the places; his band members Happy Akhand and Kamal were famed for their brilliant guitar playing. Everyone was in a roll and Rock music had a new found glory.

Fuad Naser Babu, Selim Haider, Khoka, Murad, Popsi and Zakir formed Feedback 20th Century in mid-70s; Popsi and Zakir were replaced by Piaru Khan and Maqsood in 1977, they became Feedback. They released their first album in 1985, followed by their brilliant second album in 1987, it was probably the first hit album by any band.

Hamin Ahmed, Shafin Ahmed, Larry, Komol and Rony formed Barrack in 1976. Omar Khaled Rumi formed Abnormal 3 Plus 1 with Joy that year.

Farid from the Lightning band formed another band with Happy Akhand, Kamal, Larry, Mandis, Istiaq, Musa and Robin; it was the birth of Miles. They performed their first show at Dhaka Club. Hamin Ahmed and Shafin Ahmed joined the band soon afterwards. They started to perform regularly at Hotel InterContinental; where they played until the early 80s. Soon, Miles released their first album and had their first solo concert at Shilpalaka Academy in 1982; they released their second album in late 80s, which was a full length English album.

Miles and Feedback were at their peak; both had the opportunity to appear at Bangladesh Television (BTV), they performed instrumental shows!

Another band from late 70s was Souls; they were considered to be the most famous band in Chittagong in those days. In 1988, Naqib Khan and Pilu Khan got out from Souls and formed Renaissance with Rumi, Moto, Bogi and Reza. Soon they recorded their first album; which is hugely popular till this date.

There was another band Feelings formed in mid 70s; with their brilliant guitarist/vocalist James they were quite famous in Chittagong during that time and later all over the country.

Dazzling guitarist Ayub Bacchu left Souls and formed LRB in early 90s. With Sawpan, Tutul and Joy, Little River Band recorded their first album, a double album – first of its kind, the album is still considered as a milestone in our band history. LRB is also known as Love Runs Blind.

Chimes, Prometheus, Response were other bands that were also renowned during that period.


The very first Metal band was formed in 1984 when Iftekhar had just returned from Germany and formed Waves with Shafin, Mithu, Maksud and Mahmud. But the band was short-lived after Iftekhar got back to Germany again, the band was disbanded.

“the Big 4”

With Imran Hussain and Mainul Islam on Guitars, Arshad Amin on Bass, Mahbubur Rashid on Drums, Mushfiq Ahmed and Shoeb Rahman on Vocals. Rock Strata was formed in mid-80s. They released their lone album in 1990; it was widely accepted among Hard Rock/Metal listeners. In Dhaka was another popular band during that period; the band members included lead guitarist Mashuq, lead guitarist/vocalist Joy, bassist Tushar, vocalist Gorky, drummer Rajon and on keyboards there was Santo. Their only album was equally popular among the listeners. In Dhaka and Rock Strata collaborated together and record an album in mid-90s and they released the brilliant album Elephant Road after a long time, in 2002. There is nothing new that can be said about the mighty Warfaze, everyone who’s reading this knows about their long and glorious career. It started with a blow and still presenting us brilliant music over the years. Last but not the least is Aces, one of the most talented bands but the only one of these that did not release an album even though they had almost finished it.

Two other bands Jolly Rogers and Sweet Venom were part of the scene during that period as well! Other notable bands between late-80s and early-90s: Nova, Winning, K-OZ, Ark, Lesson, Legend, Obscure, Different Touch, etc.


Rock Brigade, another Heavy Metal band was formed in 1988 with a bunch Rockin’ friends. Shameem I. B. Reza, Russell Ali, Amer Hussain, Shishir, Kishore, Rubayet Choudhury Rubu, Rouben Zia Mohiuddin, Dip, Rezwan, Mamun were among the members. There has been a rumor, during one of the summer holidays they had reunited and even recorded an album; one that was never released!! Mamun, Dip and Rezwan formed Phantom Lord another Hard/Heavy Rock band in 1993, later Mamun and Rezwan formed Metal Warriors with Joy. They all did many gigs but eventually all got disbanded. Years later these two friends Mamun and Joy formed Brigade 71, which is quite famous band nowadays.

There were another set of bands by youngsters that played shows together during late 90s and lot of them started during early 90s. Even though these streams of bands started doing shows in late 90s, many of them successfully became a part of the underground phenomenon that started in early 2000.

Gibran Tanwir formed Deth Row in 1991, which did its first show in 1994 and was a huge part of underground Metal scene. Gibran had a band called Glad Tiders with Sohel and drummer Daiyan Mir, and it was a mighty good band too! So was Psychodeth, they used to do a lot of shows together.

Then, still school-going boys formed a Heavy Metal band; Cryptic Fate in early 90s led by bassist/vocalist Shakib, they released several brilliant albums including original English album, they are still goin’ strong!!

The other bands worth mentioning are Metal Maze, was another powerful band, they released two albums and they are still very active these days.

X-Uranium, Koprophilia, Mission Thorpe were other remarkable Metal bands. They did a lot of shows with Cryptic Fate, Deth Row and Clovermind. Also, Punk/Funk Rock band Migraine did a lot of shows with fellow bands during 1997-2000.

Thrashold was a thrash metal band during 1994-1997. The band was led by talented musician Zia, he eventually turned into a more different musical approach, and which now we all know as today’s ever famed band Shironamhin.

Late 90s bands like Attempted Band was formed by school friends Arafat, Imran, Daniel and others; they played a lot of underground shows. Later, Daniel formed Fulbanu’s Revenge. While Arafat and Imran formed a band with Cryptic Fate members Shakib and Farhan; they turned into the Watson Brothers! The album they recorded was sounded different and not a huge success. Though it was underrated at that time, few songs from that album still survived till date and are widely popular.

Clovermind was a late 90s short-lived Metal band, its drummer Tomal was yet another mighty player. Tomal formed Tantrik in 1999 (they disbanded later that year!), the rest of the band members Ershad and Lincoln formed a different band with new drummer Shaju and bassist Cezanne. This iconic band is what we all know now as Artcell. They released two albums till this date, one in 2002 and another in 2006, both albums were widely accepted among all the Rock audience. The band is in the process of recoding their much anticipated third album. Artcell was one of the bands that later led the underground music revolution!!

Dope Smuggluz founded in early 2000, but soon they changed their name into Black and added a new era in the history of Rock. They are one of the leading Alternative Rock bands in Bangladesh, they had instant success with their slightly different first album. The hugely successful band had four albums and more than a dozen singles till this date, but listeners always craving for more from the band.


Besides Heavy Metal bands, a lot of Alternative bands emerged in this era. If we only talk about the heavier bands Poison Green, Stentorian, Kral, ReBorn, Vibe, DNA, Dripping Gore, Neorosys, Birodh, Sentinels and Canada-based black metal band Weapon are noteworthy bands during late 90s and early 2000s. Weapon was co-formed by none other than Rock Brigade/Phantom Lord/Metal Warriors drummer Shekh Mohammed Rezwan a.k.a Nohttzver! Rezwan formed Nafarmaan later, a Black/Death Metal act. Stentorian popularized Power Metal, ReBorn became a crowd favorite, bands like DNA, Karl showed their mastery in Progressive genre. Poizon Green played a major role in playing Thrasier music! Dripping Gore was pioneer of Death Metal. Some of the other bands from the previous era like Artcell, Cryptic Fate, Metal Maze etc. were also part of this era of music scene.

One band whose players are all came from successful bands, is yet another milestone band Aurthohin, got instantly became one of the major bands, they are still one of the well known Rock bands in the country. The band was formed by Sumon aka Bassbaba, who always associated with this underground scene.


Severe Dementia, Powersurge, Mechanix, Gene Split, Eclipse, Satanic and Mirror Blaze are bands from mid-2000s. Late-2000s significant Rock/Metal bands are: Opus, Funeral Anthem, Crematic X, Shrapnel Method, Bishaurgo, Urban Fiction, Minerva, Orator, Revolutus, Breach, Icons, Firebrand. The DRockstars (a popular band competition) played a major role to popularize the Heavy Metal bands like Powersurge, Mechanix, Eclipse etc. Lot of bands came to life in this era, bands like Severe Dementia and Orator (previously Barzak) took it to a new height, they played several international shows already. It seems like, Metal bands got more heavier these days and crowd seems to prefer it like that!

Bands to look forward…

Nemesis formed in 1999 by a group of school friends. After a few changes in the line-up became Ratul, Zohad, Maher, Omayr and Dio. They released their debut album in 2005, went on to become one of the major albums of that year. The fall of 2011 saw the release of their much anticipated second studio album and it has also received a wide critical acclaim. One of the successful bands in the country right now, the expectation from this band is enormous, all eyes are on them!

Aspiring Hard Rock band Dreek formed in 2002. Since their journey with the DRockstars in 2007, the band has the experience of more than 200 shows nationwide. They are working on their first album as we are talking.

Another band to look out for, Arbovirus one of the most critically acclaimed Bangladeshi rock band formed in 2002. Vivid and flamboyant lyrics, brutal riffs and lead solos full of late 70s nostalgia with expressionism in vocal line the band has the potential to take the Rock scene to another level. They had released numerous singles and an album 2006; they are working on their next album now.

Two of the members from Warfaze made their minds to work on something diverse and formed De-illumination in 2006. The Symphonic Rock/Metal band released their debut album in 2010, this is likely to be the first concept album in Bangladeshi Rock music scene.

Shunno is a Pop Rock band, formed in 2007. They had released three albums already, all received wide acceptance among listeners and well taken by the critics.

Two of the past Stentorian vocalists formed two bands, Black Priest by Torsha and Pledge Karma by Tanim Sufyani. Black Priest had already released few singles out, also Pledge Karma has couple of online releases till now and are on the verge of recording their first album.


From Rock Around the Clock to St. Gregorian’s school boys, to the underground scene and into an unknown practice place where the next big band is still in action, we have come a long way. But one thing is always remain the same, when we hear the thunder of a heavy metal, it hypnotize us and we raise our fist with a rebel yell – Glory to Heavy Metal and the new found dawn to our Rock music.

– Milu Aman

(as published in SONIC Music Magazine)



Enrich with Authenticity!

This is the unfinished story of our band history. This is what I got so far, I wrote this by collecting information from various sources; I read quite a few about it, talked with many. Specially Arafat Kazi straighten few things for me, also the editor of SONIC help a lot with all the new bands’ information.

I feel like documenting this for the future reference of our band history. There could be lot of mistakes, please feel free provide authentic information and help me to enrich it. This is just a start, treat it like some kind of map, let’s take it to the next level and complete a full story about our Band History.

Thanks for reading!

keep Rockin’


December 20, 2012

Fall of Big Bands a.k.a. Why do the Rock bands fall apart?

Forming a great Rock band and having a world tour, many of us had one common fantasy at our teenage years. But forming a band is not that easy! It’s not just about learning to play musical instruments only. It’s all about finding the right people, putting up together, doing music and to be as a “band.”

And when a band done with all the hard work and finally learned to stay together, they don’t stay together! It happened so many times before and it started since the birth of band movement. It is still happening and it will continue to happen for the future as well…

Why do the Rock bands fall apart?

Artistic differences, it’s the most “cliche” case, the number one killer in the music business; it breaks up a band fast. Indifference in musical taste can lead a band to demise. Some bands fail because individual band members like or like to create different music.

Solo career venture, is another smasher of bands. Every once in a while; the most talented member(s) of the band moves to solo career. In most case, both the band (if they survive) and the solo artist failed to success because the magic of the band is gone.

Ego between band members is the notorious band-killer; it breaks up a band fast as well. It mostly started when one member begins to get much more attention than the rest.

That green thing call “money”! Lack of financial incentive can break a band hard too. It can happen the other way around, too much money can rip off a band as well!

Outside influences! A band is much like a business partnership. Members should spend as much time together as possible. It takes lot of patient to build a band, members should be committed to the band, but not everyone can truly commit themselves to a Rock N’ Roll lifestyle. Also, simultaneous projects or own more than one band can really ruin a band.

And last never the least, “tragedy” or we can say “ripped apart by untimely death.” Freak accident, sickness and most infamously drug abuse ends a good band. We can’t do much about the first two but we can always do a lot about the last cause! It’s the saddest way to end.

Sometimes Rock bands break up simply because it’s bound to meet its ill fate whether it is a Folk, Glam Rock, Punk, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, New Wave or Grunge!!

Some Rock bands enjoy commercial success with a definite beginning. When the Folk Rock sound became popular in the early to mid 60s, there were a number of groups like the Byrds, the Lovin’ Spoonful, the Mamas & the Papas and Buffalo Springfield. They all enjoyed several years of popularity. But by the late 60s many of these groups had disbanded or reformed as more progressive entities.

Whether they broke up as the result of artistic differences or by tragedy, these are few major bands when and how they called it a quits…

The Beatles was world’s number one band in 60s and 70s and one of the earliest famous bands to be disbanded. Simply because they were all so fabulous and their ego became sky high!

The Yardbirds had survived four phrases with three most influential guitarists! Starting with Eric Clapton, then he handed the axe to faithful Jeff Beck, then Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page duo and in the last days with Jimmy Page before he formed Led Zeppelin, all during 1963–1968.

Led Zeppelin’s fate was shortened by unplanned breakup in 1980 upon the alcohol-related death of drummer John Bonham. His fierce rhythm in the band was iconic for the band! The remaining band members’ decided to disband was undoubtedly the right one, even as other bands like the Who and AC/DC survived after similar losses.

Cream was a mighty Blues Rock Trio led by Eric Clapton as well. They disbanded for solo ventures!

Black Sabbath was formed in late 60s; the Heavy Metal band that suffered from drugs, personal differences, musical inconsistencies and finally broke up the original lineup in 1979, sending frontman Ozzy Osbourne off to a successful solo career while Sabbath soldiered on with Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Glenn Hughes and several other frontmen. The original lineup reunited in 1997 and worked on and off during the next decade. The word is, they are reunited again and doing an album!

Deep Purple; was formed in late 60s, their 2nd lineup in early 70s commonly labeled as “Mark II” with frontman Ian Gillan, it was Rock’s one of the most successful band. Gillan did quit eventually, he was replaced by David Coverdale (Whitesnake) and Glenn Hughes, they recorded two great albums together in 1974, but then lead guitarist Ritchie Blackmore quit as well, eventually the band broke up in 1976. While Ritchie formed Rainbow in 1976 with frontman Ronnie James Dio for few years, then recruited Graham Bonnet and lastly with Joe Lynn Turner. With ever changing band members Rainbow was quiet famous, but Ritchie disbanded it and decided to regroup with Deep Purple once again in 1984. Again, Gillan quit briefly in 1990 and they recruited Joe Lynn Turner for one album. Gillan again returned and record one album in 1993 with Ritchie playing last for the band. They did survived till now but it isn’t the “Mark II” anymore and now there’s no chance we will see that again, since their keyboardist Jon Lord died this year.

Pink Floyd; the Psychedelic and Progressive Rock innovators had a rough start with Syd Barrett in the late 60s, David Gilmour replaced him and they were even stronger and became successful as a band. They made some of the best-selling concept albums in Rock history. They first disbanded in 1984 for ego conflicts as well, but reunited in 1987 without former member and the creative genius songwriter/bassist Roger Waters. The band has a good run thou, so had Waters in his solo career, but the band has been dormant since 1996. They had a regrouping for the 2005 Live 8 festival in London, when Richard Wright was alive.

The Police; frontman and bassist Sting moved on to his solo career in mid 80s led the band to breakup. Thou they did rejoined for a tour as The Police but never really got together as a band again.

The Eagles; indifference and ego problem between band members, especially Don Henley and Glenn Frey, led the band to disbanding. Thou they reunited again after 14 years and with “hell freezes over” tour, they again got huge attention, but it was really nothing more than cashing themselves out while they can!

The Band; was significant as the most influential Blues Rock band had a great run showing all the musicians out there, how it’s done! They also backed most of the singers/musicians during the 60s/70s. They decided to disintegrate after they learned, they had enough!!

The Doors; thou the rest of the members did try to put up a couple of albums after the poet/singer Jim Morrison’s mysterious untimely death in 1971 but there was really no point to keep the band alive! Finally, they disbanded the band following year. Later, they released an album with Jim’s recorded poetry with added backup music played by the rest of the members, the album was, An American Prayer, and it was released in 1978.

Bad Company; solo ventures for frontman Paul Rodgers led one of the most successful supergroup of the 70s dismissed. Drummer Simon Kirke and guitarist Mick Ralphs continued the band with new vocalist, but never did saw the light again like before. Paul Rodgers on the other hand has a good solo run, but I think it was a bad move for his career, when he briefly joined as the lead singer of Queen and tried to fill in Freddie Mercury’s shoe! It is rumored Bad Company is reformed with Paul again, and we can hope for a new album.

Queen; after the unfortunate death of frontman Freddie Mercury, it would be better if they left his legacy intact and keep the good memories alive. They should disband the band for good, rather than recruiting/trying for new vocalists.

Journey; without the presence of frontman Steve Perry, it is as bad as a broken band!

Nirvana; their end was the most tragic one with frontman Kurt Cobain’s suicide; it did freeze the band and then increase the band’s reputation.

Guns N’ Roses, probably Rock history never get over this band’s unnecessary death or band-suicide! They are not together because of money and ego! Frontman Axl Rose later tried to put together GnR and still trying to run the band, while everyone thinks it’s all done for the band!!

To cut the story short… like all the Punk and Glam Rock bands, Sex Pistols, The Ramones, The Clash, The Jam, T Rex, Husker Du, Blondie, Ziggy Stardust all had a brief shelf life but equally significant too. The White Stripes and R.E.M. are the newest in the lot, all these bands suffered from few or all the symptoms!

Last but not least; Jimi Hendrix Experience disbanded because Jimi died in a drug overdose, he was obviously nowhere near done!

Some bands break up before playing their first gig, while some veteran bands break up after decades. A band and a marriage share many things in common, it takes love, dedication, commitment, faithfulness and lots of responsibility. When one or more of these elements begins to fade from the relationship, it starts to lack the chemistry between the band members and it destines to a pointless goal.

– Milu Aman


(as published in SONIC Music Magazine)

June 7, 2012

films that Rocks!

01) Big Lebowski …because he’s the ultimate hippie dude and coen bros Rocks! 

02) School of Rock …because we all know it Rocks!

03) Almost Famous …because it’s a fictitious story about cameron crow’s real experiences with the bands like led zeppelin, fleetwood mac, allman brothers band, crosby stills nash and young, david bowie, during his time workin’ for rollingstone magazine. the band “stillwater” in the movie was a fictional band, it’s a combination of legendary bands crow interviewed/toured durin’ his time with rollingstone. so he created the band out of the actors with the help of his Rocker wife heart guitarist nancy wilson and legendary guitarist peter frampton!!

04) Doors …because it’s about jim!

05) I’m Not There …because it’s based on many bob dylans!

06) Last Waltz …because it’s a concert! but i dunno why most of the big band’s show or whenever a big director cover a show, then it’s credited as a “film”! this one’s by scorcese & hell yeah it Rocks!

07) Velvet Goldmine …because it’s a fictitious story about lou reed, marc bolan, david bowie, i think iggy pop too and it’s so Glam & Punk! 

08) Trainspotting …because it’s great!

09) Cadillac Records …because it’s about the blues recording label “chess”. one of the finest blues recording label of all time! the recording studio sound is sheer perfection for blues and the owner len chess was true blues digger! he used to hunt blues talents and sign them with chess when no one was signing any black singers! chess studio is the pilgrimage to all blues singers.

10) Elizabethtown …because of great playlists & Freebird!

11) Boat that Rocked aka Pirate Radio! …because it’s all about music and a broadcast radio station on a boat!

12) Taking Woodstock …because it’s about Woodstock 69

13) Woodstock 69 …because it’s credited as a “film” as well!

14) Requiem for a Dream …because it’s awesome!

15) This is Spinal Tap …because it’s loosely based on jeff beck! and sometimes i just need to take things to 11. 

16) High Fidelity …because it’s about a record store, top 10 chart and mix tapes!

17) the Wall …because it’s by the greatest band of the world!

18) Wayne’s World …because it’s fun!

19) Airheads …because it’s about a band that hostage a radio station to play their song!

20) Blues Brothers …because it’s about blues brotherhood!

21) Wizard of Oz …you know which one! darkside soundtrack version is totally coincidental, original’s the best!


…more Rockin’ films…

22) Shining …because of Redrum!

23) Natural Born Killers …because qt & stone duo Rocks!

24) Runaways …because it’s a true story based on a all girl Rock band!

25) I am Sam …because everyone on the soundtrack album sings all the beatles songs so well. 

26) Across the Universe …because it has no cause!

27) Moulin Rouge …because it’s a tribute to all the classic songs!

28) Plasantville …because i like things turning black/white to colour!

29) Ironman …because of the black sabbath song!

30) Sherlock Holmes …because this new sherlock is so hip!

31) Dead Man …because neil young did the score only with an electric guitar & it has a william blake link! 

32) Blow …because it has a killer Blues Rock soundtrack!

33) Studio 54 …because it’s about last days of Disco!

34) Last Days of Disco…because it’s about last days of Disco!!

35) Swing Kids …because it’s full of swings!

36) Sweet and Lowdown …because it’s a story about a fictional guitarist who’s only second to legendary french guitarist django reinhardt (who’s in fact one of the greatest guitarist of all time, he played jimi hendrix in his acoustic guitar even before jimi was born!!)

37) Factory Girl …because it’s about pop art and andy warhol. also for bob dylan, lou reed, nico and allen ginsberg connections!

38) Austin Powers …because of the laughs!

39) Pat Garret and Billy the Kid …because bob dylan acted and did the whole soundtrack!

40) Mask and Anonymous …because bob dylan acted!

41) Stoned …because it reveals the true story behind the death of my favourite stones brian jones.

42) Detroit Rock City …because it’s about seeing a (kiss) concert!

43) Rocker …because it’s about a failed drummer who was given a second chance

44) 9 songs …because there’s nine great songs!

45) Good Morning Vietnam …because it’s about radio broadcasting in a warfield

46) Blow Up …because it has a documented performance by yardbirds (which jeff beck isn’t too happy about it btw)

47) Being John Malkovich …because they really got inside malkovich’s head and the “malkovich, malkovich”

48)  Full Metal Jacket …because i had to put more kubrick film

49) 2001: A Space Odyssey …because it’s shot in a nasa camera and in return stanley staged the moon landing film for usa!

50) Clockwork Orange …because it’s probably the first film that brings the idea to stage a plot to a different time/set

51) Dogma …because they rewrite the bible in a Rockin’ way!

52) Chasing Amy …because jay and silent bob Rocks!

53) Zack and Miri Make a Porno …because i don’t wanna see a kevin smith/silent bob make films like cop-out or jersey girl

54) Zabriskie Point …because it’s so hippie and the pink floyd/grateful dead soundtracks are awesome!

55) La Vallee …because it’s so hippie and pink floyd!

56) More …hippie! pink floyd!! hippie!!!

57) Fear and Loathing in Vegas …because the life of beat writer hunter thompson was so bizarre and for a cool hippie trip!

58) Metal : A Headbanger’s Journey …because it’ll take you to the deep in the heart of heavy metal

59) Greendale …because it’s an neil young Rock album and neil shot the film the way i imagined when i was listenin’ to the album…

60) Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll …because it’s about the british band blockheads singer ian dury’s life, which was actually sex&drugs&Rockn’roll!

61) Sid & Nancy …because it’s all about punk!

62) Last Days …aah it’s the tragic suicide story of nirvana’s kurt cobain (very sad movie, you can skip it!)

63) Crossroad …because it’s about crossroads, devil, blues and all those things! ry cooder and steve vai played cool guitars! 

64) Rockstar …because it’s about the temp Rocker singin’ for the judas priest when rob halford left the band.

65) Blues Brothers 2000 …because it’s based on blues brothers!

66) Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist …because of the playlists and it shows the infamous “cbgb” club!

67) That Thing You Do …because it portrayed breakin’ up of a typical rock n’ roll band in the 60s 

68) Empire Records …because it’s about savin’ a dyin’ Record Store! 

69) Inception …because i need to be more clear! haha actually once i heard an idea similar to this story. it was 7/8 years ago before this film! the guy is a friend of my big brother, oh man he was always full of wonderful ideas and stories… he’s a great artist/painter & famous “predictor” who’s predictions eventually turns to reality, somehow he’s always ahead of time!Image